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Provamed Gluta Bright Skin Booster 200 ml
Shining, Smooth and Bright skin with 3 Whitening ingredients: Glutathione, Natural Arbutin, and Vitamin C renews skin by inhibiting the action of enzyme Tyrosinase which causes melanin production, the cause of dull complexion, spots and uneven skin tone.The serum contains nano particles that can absorb and penetrate into skin deeply, quickly, and gently for every skin types and sensitive skin.
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Provamed Acne Spot Gel Acne Gel Urgency 10g
Rapid Clear Acne Spot Gel for T zone (for acne & acne pus) with Salicylic Polymerizations System. * Salicylic Polymerizations System that works by controlling the delivery of Salicylic acid to be released into the skin and cause continuous performance and long life.
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Provamed Facial Toner Anti-Acne-120Ml
Acniclear Facial Toner The toner is suitable for oil and complex skin. The toner helps reduce facial oil and clean up dirt, make up and impurities leaving skin soft and smooth with re-hydrating effect derived from its proper pH levels. Use toner regularly to keep pores fight and attain a new fresh layer of skin with a more even color and a smoother, cleaner texture.
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Provamed Anti-Melasma Spot Corrector- 5g
Thin cream Where the ceiling And black spots Massage the meat Absorbed into the skin Apply every morning before makeup and before bedtime. Provamed Anti Melasma Spot Corrector is a new innovation product that helps to restore skin cell and reduce synthesis by using whitening substances include Tranexamic Acid, Alpha Arbutin, Glutathione. Addtional with Hyaluronic acid.